Everyday Humanity – Day 338 of 365 Days to a Better You

In our age of instant and continuous news, we are all immediately made aware of horrific events and tragedies in our world. As we sit and watch these events, often live, on TV and the Internet, we know there are struggles for survival, acts of heroism, and the anguish of loss all happening and all within a single camera frame. We find ourselves, very humanly, asking a resounding WHY?

Why do things like this happen? Why do so many innocent people have to be harmed and die? We all have our suppositions and beliefs, but no real answers to questions like that. In an absence of answers, we are compelled to act – to help in anyway we can. Our most authentic humanity comes out and we all pitch in to do whatever we can – physically help the recovery, send money and supplies, send prayers and well wishes.

In these moments of stunning tragedy our humanity shows up big. We recognize, if only for the briefest of moments, that we humans are all traveling in the same “boat”. We are all subject to death. We are all subject to loss. We are all susceptible to the totally unexpected.

We have an innate sense that we can either lose ourselves in sadness over that fact or we can grasp each moment with zest and a determination to make the most of this precious life – a gift beyond all gifts.

For those closest to these events, the repercussions of these events resonate for years to come. For the rest of us, we typically move on with the change of the news cycle in a few days or become again distracted by things happening in our own world.

Here is what I wish for us all. May the surge of humanity we feel in these moments carry over beyond them. May it carry over into our daily lives. Why must we wait for tragedy to feel it? We lose it in our political, religious, economic, and ethnic differences. We forget it until a tragedy again shakes us awake.

Let normal days be filled with our humanity. Let us remember our humanity and that of our adversary in every encounter we have out in the marketplace of ideas.


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No Soda November -Day 277 of 365 Days to a Better You

Today’s Affirmations

Today I make better choices where it counts for my life!
Today I sacrifice a little to improve a lot.
Today I accept the challenge to better myself and better my life!

Can you believe it? By the end of this week, we’ll be into the final two months of 2019. It’s been a whirlwind year for April and me. We started the year with no idea we’d be leaving Boston. Now a crazy cross-country move and a few months of acclimating back into life in Kansas City have caused this year to be a blur in some ways.

However, I’ve worked hard to keep focused on the goals I set back in January – this blog series and revitalizing The Affirmation Spot among them – and be as conscious as possible, while drinking from a fire hose. I’m sure you can relate!

Let’s finish the year strong together! Dr. Pepper is my coffee. I drink it in the morning to get going and usually with one other meal. That’s too much and I know it. Earlier in the year, I did a successful 10-day moratorium on it. Now, I’m taking the next step.

I’m completely giving up Dr. Pepper and all soda for the month of November. April enjoys a glass of wine at night. She is giving up wine for the month so we tag-team this.

Here’s my challenge to you.

What’s sone thing that you know you shouldn’t be eating or drinking as much as you do? What’s something you’d be willing to join me in giving up for one month to help you close 2019 strong?

I’d love it if you feel comfortable leaving a comment below to share what you’re willing to give up in November. If not, it can be your secret, but I encourage you to make a principled effort to accept this challenge.

Let’s do it together! We’ll be better. We’ll be a little bit healthier. We’ll demonstrate our ability to take control in our lives where it matters.

I’ll be posting throughout tNovember to share progress and insights. I don’t think I’ve gone this long without soda in decades. I’ve got the water and the tea and juice ready.

Our mission all year has been to expand our minds, broaden our vision, and live a better life. This challenge is a tangible way for us to do that!

In case no one else has told you today, YOU ARE AWESOME!



The Sage Who Sees – Day 260 of 365 Days to a Better You

Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to read today’s post.

Do you ever feel different; like you don’t quite fit in with the ways of this world? I do. It’s not something I came to as an adult. It’s who I’ve been my entire life. It’s like what’s intuitive to me is counterintuitive to our civilization. My polarities are reversed.

My own mother once asked, “Why can’t you just fit in?” Do you vibe with that?

There’s a great quote in the Bhagavad Gita that explains why you and I might feel this way.

“In the dark night of all beings awakes to Light the tranquil man. But what is day to other beings is night for the sage who sees.”

    • The world lusts for war. You seek only peace.
    • The world strives for bottom lines. You believe people are the bottom line.
    • The world adulates at the alter of fear. You have always known love is the answer.
    • The world wants to be cool. You’d rather be wise.
    • The world looks without. You have always gone within.
    • The world sees the dark clouds. You see the bright sun behind the dark clouds.
    • The world clamors for instant gratification. You opt for sustainable gratitude.

    I’ve long suspected something. While you and I see ourselves a unique, I’m not so sure we’re that unique. Maybe what comes natural to us is the secret yearning of most people. In fact, I’m certain of it. They simply can’t bring themselves to believe it’s possible. They retreat into the herd safety of the mass consciousness.

    As the sage who sees, I believe our mission is to light the path to this greater realization the same as our teachers and mentors have lighted it for us.

    Your poles are not reversed because there’s something wrong with you, Don’t give into the gravity of that thinking. Your poles are reversed because you’re here to be a beacon to the world that can be if only a critical mass of people would believe. And today, today, we’re one step nearer than ever before.

    You’re absolutely awesome just as you are! Keep following your bliss!


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