Let Idealism Be Your Realism – Day 325 of 365 Days to a Better You

Did you used to be young and idealistic? Are you right now? If you’re part of the first group, when and where did you lose it? If you’re part of the second group, please, please never lose it.

“Realism” is too often used as an excuse for dashing hope, giving new things a try, or seeing a better world or a better you is even possible.

“That’s just not realistic,” says your inner voice, the naysayers, the media , and current structure of the world. Sometimes it appears in the form of a command, “Be realistic!” Sometimes in the form of an excuse to yourself, “I’m just being realistic.”

Have you ever noticed that being realistic is never aimed in positive direction? No one ever says they’re being realistic by expecting good things to happen or the world to become a better place.

No, realism, in it’s most common use, is a wet blanket, a limiter, a euphemism for closet negativity.

If being realistic was the standard, what great thing ever would have been tried much less achieved?

So, I don’t buy it. When I hear someone pull out the realism card, I just hear someone ceding to the status quo, giving up without trying, and hoping they can convince others to remain hopeless and mediocre along with them.

I say to you. Let idealism be your realism. Never become such an “adult” that you stop seeing and striving for big possibilities. The truth is the realistic status quo we live in just isn’t good enough. It just doesn’t ensure the freedom, security, and basic needs of enough people on this planet. It doesn’t point us to the stars or to higher spiritual achievement.

Let’s choose to become totally unrealistic. Let’s bust the ceilings, break the barriers, and open the doors to a new day for human beings and all living creatures on our planet. Sure, there’ll be naysayers. So what? So what?

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you’re awesome!


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Keeping It Real – Day 94 of 365 Days to a Better You

I’m just keeping it real!

Today’s Affirmation
Day after day, good things flow my way!

This has become quite a catch-phrase in recent years. I guess it makes sense, in a world where people often don’t say what they mean, that you must call it out when you actually do. Another similar phrase is, “I’m just being a realist.”

Have you ever noticed that no one uses these phrases in an attempt to convince you that something is better or more positive than you thought? They’re always used to pop your balloon, curb your excitement, and bring you back to Earth with a thud.

I think both phrases employ the word real because they want cloak the negative meaning in a kind of supposed objectivity. There’s no empirical data that proves negative outcomes are more realistic that positive.

  • “No one will ever buy your book. I’m just keeping it real.”
  • “I’m not trying to crush your idea. I’m just being a realist.”

Have you heard people say things like this? Have you said them to others? Why do we have it in our heads that aiming lower is somehow more realistic?

I could probably write a book on the psychology of the human negativity default setting. That’s not my purpose here. Rather, I’d like to encourage you swim consciously against that current. Why not see the positive and the better as every bit as realistic as the negative and the lesser?

Consider fervently believing it for yourself, for others, and for the world. Consider articulating that positive things are coming your way. After all, good things are every bit as likely to happen as bad. Your lizard brain may condition you that the sabertooth tiger is about to eat you, but the reality is your ancestor survived that threat and here you are!

I’m just keeping it real!