Meanderings on Enlightenment 1990

I wrote straight out of a very powerful visualization meditation on a warm spring afternoon in 1990. I came across it this morning and thought I’d share.

Just in case no one else reminds you today, YOU are awesome!

Stay safe. Stay well. Stay inspired!


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Time to Throw Away to Rule Book – Day 275 of 365 Days to a Better You

Today’s Quote

Following a rule book, leads to a completed checklist. Following your heart, leads to a completed you.
~Ray Davis

If you live in one of the so-called “western democracies” or nations that have been built on those principles since World War II, your nation likely has a day to celebrate your “independence” or your “freedom.”

For those of us in The United States, that’s July 4 each year. That’s the day the Continental Congress ratified The Declaration of Independence. Largely penned by Thomas Jefferson, the document is a masterful expression of a free, rational human mind seeking political freedom in a world where that did not exist. Despite our modern critiques of Jefferson and others who signed that document for the massive hypocrisy of creating such a document while owning slaves, the document stands as a testament to the innate human desire to be free of despotic control in our lives.

The world has changed and many countries, if still incompletely and inconsistently, have adopted its principles in their political systems. However, that does not mean all despotic thinking has been eliminated. Most of us come into this world with a long list of “Cant’s” before we ever have the chance to try our “Cans.”

For many young parents, good parenting starts with the word no. True enough, there are many perils for the young child. Still, no is not always balanced with yes. Children grow up with a whole list of things they can’t do and little idea what they can do.

Moving onto school, a child is exposed to social norms. Classmates and teachers again have a whole host of “Don’ts” that are enforced by punishment or peer pressure. We’re taught to “fit in” rather than challenge the status quo.

In the adult world, we have work rules and government rules and rules, rules, rules. There are three main coping strategies. There are people who ignore all the rules – even the legitimate ones. There are people who follow all the rules. The situation is easy for these people. They either adhere to everything or reject everything. The rest of us are stuck in the middle.

Unless you were lucky enough to have an enlightened parent, teacher, or mentor somewhere along the way who opened your eyes or life experience woke you up, you likely reach your mid 20s with a massive book of “Can’ts” and “Don’ts” and no playbook for for “Cans.”

This is not generally viewed as a problem by political, religious, or economic establishment. Employees who are compliant, but creative enough to think outside the box once in a while are sought. In the religious and political spheres, compliance to “the party line” is generally seen as a positive.

So, what’s the problem? The problem is you weren’t born here to live by someone else’s rule book. You were born to be a unique person contributing your unique perspective to the forward movement of this civilization. Mindless compliance, while good for the business of the world, is not good for you.

You’re not the anarchist saying, “Burn it all down.” You’re also not the person asking the teacher if she can repeat her last sentence so you can get it down in your notes exactly as she said it.

You are YOU. You are here to break some normals and do amazing things. You can’t do that by following the rule book. Following that rule book leaves many, many people uninspired and plodding along to the next weekend or vacation. It leaves them watching mindless hours of conformity-driven entertainment instead of creating their own path through the world.

Power hack: If you agree this is you to some extent, what can you do to stop the rule book from ruling your life?

  1. Wake up – I know, I know. Everyone says that. What I mean is wake up to the fact that there IS a rule book. You’ve been thoroughly conditioned to follow it your entire life. The first step to freedom is to see the chains.
  2. Stop following the herd – You’ve probably heard the saying, “There’s safety in numbers.” That doesn’t apply to the herd of humans moving along in general compliance to the rule book. They don’t know where they’re going philosophically, spiritually, or financially. If you follow them, you won’t either.
  3. Challenge the status quo – The first two are passive steps. This is the first one that forces you to openly step out and step up and declare you’re seeking a different world that the one the rule book lead to. Don’t just challenge everything. That’s another kind of conformity. Get conscious about how HOW challenge the system and WHY you challenge the system.
  4. Find like-minded people – It may feel as though you’re the “only one” doing this. You look around and see many people in the rule book’s trance. I assure you there are others like you. Find them and work together to create a world and life beyond the rule book.
  5. Guiding principles – Be sure to support your search with an ethical/moral framework. I’m not suggesting replacing one rule book with another. I am suggesting that there are sensible universal principles such as do no harm or give everyone else the same freedom you seek, that provide a compass for your actions and prevent them from becoming merely self-serving.
  6. Lead – The best kind of learning and enlightenment is the kind that is passed along. Help others wake up and start the process. Help push the world in ways that free everyone from the rule book and create a “next-level” society that everyone can enjoy – one where every single human being on this planet is allowed and encouraged to pursue his or her greatness and contribute to the advancement of our civilization to the next level.

These bullet points don’t begin to explain the depth of the journey. Some of you are reading this and realizing you’re already on it. Some of you have known this was true for a long time, but the gravity of the system is strong.

Just as you learned to ride a bike with training wheels, the rule book provides some minimalist, collective grounding to build a civilization upon. However, we are ready to lose those training wheels. You are ready to lose those training wheels!

I think each and every one of you is amazing! What you see in the media every day – the conflict and chaos – is a view backwards into the world the rule book has created. A different future awaits. You thought you were waiting on your dreams. It turns out your dreams are waiting on you.

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There Are No Mistakes – Day 127 of 365 Days to a Better You

There are NO mistakes.

Back in 1994, Barry Neil Kaufman published a book titled Happiness is a Choice. The book centered around the work he had done with his own autistic son after experts had told him there was nothing that could be done for him.

The book filled tremendous insights that are useful to each of us. One that has always stuck with me was his “Mistakes Wheel” – an adaptation of the Native American Medicine Wheel.

His wheel contains five points of wisdom. The north direction on the wheel reminds us to learn from our mistakes. The west direction reminds us to learn from the mistakes of others. The east direction reminds us to learn from the mistakes of our teachers. The south direction reminds us to make as many mistakes as it takes. Finally, at the center of the wheel, is the wisdom that there is no such thing as a mistake.

mistakes_wheel_kaufman_medicine wheel.001

The five principles are progressive. First you must be willing to see your mistake and learn from them. Next you must learn from others. This is the awareness to look at the people around you and learn from the mistakes they have made. The third step of wisdom is to see that even your teachers make mistakes and to learn from their mistakes.

I contend that fourth step is birthplace of the freedom this concept begets. Now you begin to see that mistakes are a part of the natural process of growing, learning, and becoming wiser. You stop beating yourself up for them and become a student fully ready to learn what they have to teach you.

In the last step, you break through to the bliss beyond concept. You have the full realization that there are no mistakes. It’s all wisdom. It’s all perfection. It’s all exactly what you needed to be the best you. It’s very much Tao concept that the bliss lies precisely in the chaos of the give and take between the light and the dark.

This model seems simplistic. I’d argue, if you dig a bit, there’s well-mapped path here. Whether you pursue its depths or just take this passing notice of the concept, I hope you’ll learn to see that everything is a lesson and the very concept of a mistake is pejorative judgment that cause you to miss the point again and again.

Power hack: Review your day today. How many times did you judge yourself or someone else? Did you make room for the mistakes you’re inevitably going to make? Did you see the lesson in them and can you learn to see them as not mistakes at all.

Follow your bliss. Experience your bliss. Become your bliss.


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Random Thought #16

We shouldn’t be surprised that dystopian visions rule our mass media when so many people dismiss raising our vibrations and our thoughts as merely platitudes. We must stop sipping poisonous thoughts as though they are the enlightened, educated perspective, if we are to move forward as a species.

The dystopia is nothing more and nothing less than an attempt by forces that don’t really want an awakened humanity to keep our vibrations low. We must raise them anyway! We decide our future and it’s time we start acting like it!


A Greater Consciousness Arising

Today’s Affirmation:
Life Affirmation: Today I contribute my unique and irreplaceable spark to the great bonfire of life.

apollo_sunriseToday’s entry is a multi-paragraph affirmation that captures the essence of a dream I had several years ago. May it inspire hope and remembrance in all who read it today. Remembrance that the world we live in is a choice not a prison sentence. We can have a world rooted in peace and driven by the potential extant in each of us, if that is world we expect and demand.

If we continue accept less, then that is the reality we will continue to experience.

This affirmation calls on us to expect more of ourselves, each other, and our leaders. It reminds us that a new and better day is right here ready for us to awaken to it. Some have. Some are. Some will. Some are fighting to hold on to the old world. Which are you?

The sun is rising; the clouds have passed away. And in the minds of at least a few, a greater consciousness has arisen. Tradition is no more. There is only awareness: an awareness of radiant possibilities and transcendent hopes for a world about to be born.

A world in which our fondest dreams shall come to pass. Where the greatest potentiality of humanity is realized:that each member of the human family will awaken to the inner light that opens one’s heart and frees one’s mind to look across culture, race, gender, religion and vast distance and see oneself.

Be of good cheer, o patient ones, for this new day dawns; a day of wonder and hope. A day, when filled with joy, all people shall attain their full potential. Long has been the night of toil and pain. Too long have brothers and sisters lived according to their fear of each other rather than their love for each other. But no more, the blinders have come off.

Finally and forever the Human Race will stand in the radiance of the truths that have lived within each of us all along. Truths that can no longer be ignored or distorted. The truth of our UNITY and our place in this planet’s web of life and in the greater cosmos beyond.

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Follow your bliss. Experience your bliss. Become your bliss.


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