How Much Would Angry Birds Have Been Worth to You?

Today’s Thought:
The power of one idea can burn down a forest of doubts.

angry_birdsLet me ask you a question. Do you remember when Angry Birds was the hot, hot, hottest new game out there? You probably sat down and played it for a while, thinking this is stupid. Two hours later you were on Level 18 and it was deadly serious. How many people did you tell about Angry Birds? You probably told the people who saw you playing it on your phone. You probably told your family and friends. You may have posted about it once or twice on Facebook, Twitter, or another social networking site.

That was pretty cool, but it didn’t stop there. The people you told also told people. They shared it with friends, on Twitter, and on Facebook. And their friends told people…well…you get the picture. The next thing you know the guy who started Angry Birds is inking deals with huge companies for billion dollar rights to use Angry Birds on all kinds of products. The founder of Angry Birds had a larger, more dedicated sales force than any Fortune 500 company. Who? You and all your friends.

You created a social and cultural phenomenon and the company took your work to the bank and cashed the check. It’s not a bad thing. It’s very smart business. That kind of network-driven, word-to-word marketing works every day for social networking sites, apps, games, movies, books, and, heck, even hammers.

What if there was a way for you to get paid for “the Ripple” you created in the giant pond that is the global marketplace? When you started your Angry Bird Ripple, it probably spread around the planet. What if you could see how your influence impacts purchase decisions and you could get compensated each time? I mean, why shouldn’t you get a piece of the pie that Angry Birds, Facebook, and other companies have been creating with your help?

That’s what Rippln is all about. During the prelaunch phase, access to information about this new platform and movement is by invite only. Click the following link and I will send you an invite to get you started.


CALL Your Negative Thoughts – The Affirmation Spot for Friday September 18, 2009

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woman_eyes_closed_sun_rs“Speak of the Devil and he appears,” goes the old aphorism. Some people in the positive thought movement seem to think the same thing about negative thoughts. They are something to be avoided at all costs. You must stamp them out like burning embers of a campfire to prevent their spread.

Obviously, the goal of positive thinking and affirmations is to diminish negative thoughts and counter them with positive thoughts. This is a worthy and highly beneficial goal that enahances your life. Negative thoughts, however, are a natural part of being human. We all have them and we will always have them.

To panic and spend a lot of time concerning yourself with them, only causes them to blossom and grow. Recognizing them, accepting them, and letting them go steals their power and allows them to vanish back into the void from where they came. Having a negative thought is not the problem. Allowing them to become your habitual way of seeing things is what you want to avoid.

Actually, our negative thoughts provide a natural benefit. They spread light on the parts of us that need work and attention. If you always have negative thoughts about your job, maybe that part of your life needs some attention. If you have negative thoughts about certain people, those may be relationships that need work.

It’s rather entertaining sometimes to simply “thought watch”. Our minds are interesting things. When we relax, close your eyes, and watch your thoughts for a while you notice how impermanent thoughts are. They appear and create feelings. The disappear and the feelings disappear with them.

If your thoughts are very destructive and involve hurting yourself or others, get professonal help.
Here are four things you can do to handle and live more harmoniously with common negative thoughts. They form the word CALL.
  1. Counter – counter your negative thoughts with tools like affirmations. Persistent negative thoughts can be countered and changed by offering a positive alternatives.
  2. Accept – accept that you will have negative thoughts and it’s OK. You’re human afterall. No beating yourself up.
  3. Listen – listen to your negative thoughts. They may provide insight into where you need to focus your self-improvement efforts.
  4. Laugh – some of your negative thoughts really are pretty funny when you get enough perspective. Lighten up and see the humor in the way your mind works.

I’m not saying don’t try to transform your negative thoughts into something positive. I’m just saying that when they want to come out and play, CALL allows you to say, “Bring it on!”

Be peaceful Be positive Be prosperous!


2009 Affirmation

“This year I am absolutely committed to being the person I came here to be!”