Life Moves Pretty Fast – Day 162 of 365 Days to a Better You

Take it from Ferris Bueller. Life moves pretty fast.

When we moved to Boston four years ago, April and I had an open timeline. We didn’t know if we’d stay five years, 10, 20. She accepted a job offer. I continued working my same job and working on my outside platforms.

When we arrived only one of our two kids was married and neither had children. Now, both are married, we have two grandchildren, and a third on the way. That’s precipitated a move back to Kansas City.

We jumped into the New England life with both feet. Some friends recently commented that we’ve done more in four years than they’d done living here 20 years. We’ve enjoyed every moment and have often felt like we were on vacation.

16 days from today our Boston journey ends. We’ll spend three days on the road getting back to Kansas City. We’ll resume our life there close to family and building and taking possession of our “forever house.”

These four years flew by and I’m struck with the idea that soon this parentheses in our lives will become a distant memory; that time we lived in Boston.

Life DOES move pretty fast. It’s human nature to miss it, if you don’t stop and look around. What are you missing? What have you been missing? Slow down. Take it all in. One day these days will be the yesterdays you long to relive. Enjoy them while they’re here.

Boston will never be just another place on the map to us, but the gravity of home is strong. We’ll rebuild our home base in Kansas and a new life that will move pretty fast begins.

Our time here is short and these moment pass into dim memory, but to be alive in this moment is a gift. Don’t miss it!

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Stay cool and true to you, my friends!



Never Give Up on Your Dreams – Day 161 of 365 Days to a Better You

Today I’m sharing three stories of famous people who had every reason to give up on their dreams, but didn’t. Don’t give up on yours. Have a great Monday, my friends!

Unstoppable You – Day 160 of 365 Days to a Better You

Do you ever have those moments when you feel like you can’t be stopped? The momentum is going your way and fortune is smiling on you. The fool becomes arrogant and pride soon brings a fall. The wise person sucks that momentum into his or her sails and sets course for the big dreams.

Your sail across the ocean of life brings all kinds of weather. Some days push you off course and some days are like the doldrums. When you have smooth seas and the breeze at your back, that’s the time to move fast. Recognize these moments and seize them to make the most of the opportunity.

Mary Chapin Carpenter is a country singer some of you may know. She had a song back in the 1990s called, “I Take My Chances.” The song is anthem to the indomitable spirit of the person who refuses to be broken or culled by life’s rough edges and continues to dare to his or her best self.

Power Hack: There’s a couple lines in that song to put in your heart on those days when you’re pushing your ship to the limit.

Now some people say that you shouldn’t tempt fate
And for them I can not disagree
But I never learned nothing from playing it safe
I say fate should not tempt me

What is fate compared to the spirit of a human being pursuing a worthwhile dream? No one ever achieved a great dream by playing it safe. Playing safe is where big dreams go to die.

So, Chapin-Carpenter continues later in the song, “Cut the deck right in half, I’ll play from either side.”

Ready your ship for a week of fast sailing ahead!

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Lessons Learned and Unlearned – Day 159 of 365 Days to a Better You

Lessons learned grow us. Lessons unlearned, well, they grow us too.

Good morning, my friends. I hope your Saturday is off to a beautiful beginning!

The Universe is a giver. It never stops giving us chances to be the person we came here to be.

There’s a spiritual principle I learned many years ago and have found to be true time and again. It’s that life continues presenting you with certain lessons time and again until you choose to learn them.

We do live in a universe of free will. We are always free at every moment to learn the lessons life is teaching or to ignore them and pass them on for another time. Yet, the big ones will keep showing up for us in various forms until we accept the challenge and deal with them.

I often say that the only reason I get up every day is to learn something. My day feels complete when I do. Learning things – simple things and profound things – grow us as a person and as a being on this miraculous journey through time, space, and beyond.

However, the lessons we choose not to learn grow us too by making us face time and again those challenges we need to face to move on to the next stage in our development.

Power Hack: I’ll bet you could probably name a few of those lessons you’ve faced and put off a number of times. The Universe is very creative in how it presents them over and over in the weave of our lives.

Just know, to reverse the old saying, when the student is ready, the lesson is there.

Stay amazing. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not! Thanks for taking valuable minutes out of your life to be here reading this blog. If you’re enjoying it, please share!


Let Love Win & Everything Else is Gravy – Day 158 of 365 Days to a Better You

Let love win and everything else is gravy, I promise. It’s a big promise backed by a word that means so many things he to so many people. What do I mean by letting live win?

  • Cultivate peace within and peace without.
  • Have compassion for and connection with all the living things sharing this life experience, beginning with you.
  • Feel the joy in knowing every last bit of it has beauty and meaning.
  • Accept what is without ever losing your determination to discover what can be.

That’s a start, but I’d love to hear what letting love win means to you. Please leave a comment below.

May your Friday be filled with peace and accomplishment.


Numbering Your Days to Make Every One Count – Day 157 of 365 Days to a Better You

Today’s Affirmation

Every single day is a unique day and I treat it that way!

Sometimes, let’s be honest, life is a grind. One of the many cyclical repetitions in our lives that helps add to the gerbil on a treadmill feeling is the seven days of the week. Over time, each the days of the week have developed cultural and psychological meaning in society or to you as an individual.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with cycles, in fact they can be quite useful considering the history of this world or the universe, as a means of counting our lives they begin to lose creativity and pop.

You’ve heard other people say it and you’ve said and thought similar things. ‘Oh, another Monday!” “Everybody’s working for the weekend.”

This seems like an uncreative, unproductive, and perhaps destructive way to live and think.

What if you found a way to treat each and every day as the unique, once-in-a-universe event it is and do it in a way that show progression rather than the feeling of spinning round and round?

Power Hack: What if you numbered your days, as I’ve been numbering this blog? You could start from any point that makes sense to you – your birth, your 21st birthday, your marriage date, days since some other major event.

For me, this is Day 19,974. I’ll let you do the math. That sounds a lot more interesting and unique than, “It’s just another Thursday.”

Yes, Siri and Alexa can tell you how many days since any date and it’s kind of addictive for an information geek like me. Have fun with it. Make each day the eternal birthplace of possibility it is meant to be rather than freshly trodden habit from seven days, 14 days, 21 days, etc. ago.

Imagine the fun you’ll have when someone asks you what day it is!

The average human lives 25,915 days. Every one of them IS a NEW day. Treat it that way!

Thank you for spending another few minutes of your life reading this blog. I’m honored that it spoke to you, helped you, or inspired you in some way. See you tomorrow for Day 19,975.



Waiting for Samadhi Isn’t a Life Strategy – Day 156 of 365 Days to a Better You

Today’s Affirmation:

I find my bliss in the chaos. I find my stillness in the dance.

When I was younger, I used to spend my time waiting for this perfect moment I imagined would come to take action. The right moment, I assumed, would arrive for me to ask out that girl. The sun would shine upon me, as in a movie, to tell me I was making the right choices. The Universe would suddenly sing in unison to show me the way.

Now, I’ve been lucky enough to have a few of those moments in my life and perhaps you have too. However, they’re not reliable enough base your life strategy around.

The great mythologist Joseph Campbell pointed out there were two spheres of thought in ancient Buddhism – Indian and Chinese. The former has this concept of Samadhi, while the latter is based more on the idea of the Tao.

Samadhi is a moment where the great enlightened being stills the world around him or her to a state of perfected bliss and union. Meanwhile, the Tao summons the idea that life is a chaotic balance always in movement around the great being and that enlightenment is found not in stilling the chaos, but in becoming one with the ebb and flow.

That younger me was constantly waiting for moments of Samadhi. Now I’m certain such a state is reachable by the most enlightened among us and for all of us in certain moments. It’s also reachable if you want to leave the world, as Buddha did, and spend your life on a mountain or in a forest in complete contemplation. For most of us ordinary human beings with a job and mortgage, though, we must be content with finding our bliss amid the chaos of a life that never stops and is always presenting new challenges.

That younger me thought life would stop and wait for me at some point; that I”d suddenly “get it” and all would fall beautifully into place. This older wiser me understands that the beauty and sometimes the terror is found in the constant chaos that is our lives. The beauty is not just in that magical stillness, but in the flow of the river that never ceases.

Power Hack: Stop waiting. There’s no perfect moment except this one. Your goals, your dreams, and your destiny are found on the run. Samadhi does exist and I’d welcome you to seek it, but it’s not the mechanism that will drive most of your happiness or success. For that, you must lose yourself in this moment of action and find your bliss amid the chaos.

Ask him out. Apply to Harvard. Write the book. Change the world. Do it now.

You are all amazing! Never forget it no matter what anyone says. Thank you so much for spending a few more minutes with me on the blog today.