6 Ways to Expedite Your Journey to Success + Affirmations

Good Morning, my friends!

Are you a dreamer or entrepreneur or digital nomad following the dictates of your heart? You probably have goals you hope to achieve or dreams you want to experience.

This video offers six practical tips to get there faster, but also to stay empowered along the path. After these, the video ends with five powerful affirmations to keep you on track.

This video also marks the first entirely 4k video on my YouTube channel. I hope you find the video useful. I’d love your feedback either here or on YouTube. As always, a thumbs up and a subscription are greatly appreciated. I’m pushing hard to get my channel monetized.

Also, love to hear ideas on topics you’d like me to cover.

You’re awesome! Thanks for your support of this blog!


Embrace the Uncertainty Affirmation

Good evening, my friends.

This affirmation helps you with one of the hardest things we humans face. We like a sure thing. Yet, much of our lives is filled with uncertainty. That’s where change can happen. That’s where the magic can happen. This affirmation helps you embrace this powerful state of being in the uncertainty.

We live in a universe of change. To survive and thrive, we must embrace it.

Wishing you all the best in your adventure of uncertainty.


Move Your Dreams to the Driver’s Seat

Good morning, my friends.

Have your dreams been set aside? Maybe this is the moment to get back to them. This affirmation is a declaration and an oath to do just that.

I believe in you. Meet me halfway and believe in you too.


Today I move my dreams from the waiting room to the driver’s seat.

Do You Golf? These Affirmations Are for You

Good morning, my friends, and welcome to the new week.

My latest YouTube video includes affirmations to help you improve and thrive in your golf game.

This six-minute meditative recording encourages constant improvement and infuses your mind with confidence that you can rule the golf course.

Have a beautiful day and I’ll talk to you again soon.


Stressful Move Affirmation

Good Saturday, my friends.

Moving! Man, it can be a stressor. We’ve done local moves and couple cross-country moves over the years. The last one – from Boston to Kansas City – was an unmitigated disaster! Movers didn’t show up three days in a row. We scrambled, last-minute, to find a backup mover in June and got everything out of our house just minutes from a $10,000 penalty.

Then we left all our stuff in in storage in Boston and headed back without, not knowing how we’d get it home. A series of amazing synchronicities helped us get it all worked out.

Believe me. I know what a stressful move is all about.

Are you getting ready to move? Feeling a little stressed? This affirmation and video, watched repeatedly, help you visualize the move going great and the transition from your old place to your new space being simple.

I hope your move goes more smoothly. This affirmation will help keep you focused on the best possible outcome and on enjoying your new space.