Say I Love 50 Times a Day – Day 170 of 365 Days to a Better You

Today’s Affirmation

The more love I express, the more love I feel.

No word has more impact than a word that follows I. Affirmations are built on I phrases. No word has more innate power to shift your mindset and your heart than love. I’m not speaking of an empty over-used version of the L word. I’m talking about a heartfelt expression of love for the people and things in the world around you.

Here’s my challenge to you. Tomorrow use the phrase I love… at least fifty times. Don’t say it just to say it. Really take a moment to notice all the people and things you love and call them out as you come across them.

Consciously say I love April. I love the summer sky. I love golf. I love my time in the traffic jam because I get to listen to my favorite music. Whatever those things are for you, notice them and say I LOVE to them in your mind or boldly out loud.

The more you fill your consciousness and your day with “I love…” the more gratitude you’ll experience and the better you’ll feel.

This practice is a keeper. Make it a habit to say “I love…” at least fifty times each day and watch the magic happen!

I love all of you and I’m deeply appreciative that you spend a few minutes of your day reading this blog and watching my videos. Thank you so much!


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Waiting for Samadhi Isn’t a Life Strategy – Day 156 of 365 Days to a Better You

Today’s Affirmation:

I find my bliss in the chaos. I find my stillness in the dance.

When I was younger, I used to spend my time waiting for this perfect moment I imagined would come to take action. The right moment, I assumed, would arrive for me to ask out that girl. The sun would shine upon me, as in a movie, to tell me I was making the right choices. The Universe would suddenly sing in unison to show me the way.

Now, I’ve been lucky enough to have a few of those moments in my life and perhaps you have too. However, they’re not reliable enough base your life strategy around.

The great mythologist Joseph Campbell pointed out there were two spheres of thought in ancient Buddhism – Indian and Chinese. The former has this concept of Samadhi, while the latter is based more on the idea of the Tao.

Samadhi is a moment where the great enlightened being stills the world around him or her to a state of perfected bliss and union. Meanwhile, the Tao summons the idea that life is a chaotic balance always in movement around the great being and that enlightenment is found not in stilling the chaos, but in becoming one with the ebb and flow.

That younger me was constantly waiting for moments of Samadhi. Now I’m certain such a state is reachable by the most enlightened among us and for all of us in certain moments. It’s also reachable if you want to leave the world, as Buddha did, and spend your life on a mountain or in a forest in complete contemplation. For most of us ordinary human beings with a job and mortgage, though, we must be content with finding our bliss amid the chaos of a life that never stops and is always presenting new challenges.

That younger me thought life would stop and wait for me at some point; that I”d suddenly “get it” and all would fall beautifully into place. This older wiser me understands that the beauty and sometimes the terror is found in the constant chaos that is our lives. The beauty is not just in that magical stillness, but in the flow of the river that never ceases.

Power Hack: Stop waiting. There’s no perfect moment except this one. Your goals, your dreams, and your destiny are found on the run. Samadhi does exist and I’d welcome you to seek it, but it’s not the mechanism that will drive most of your happiness or success. For that, you must lose yourself in this moment of action and find your bliss amid the chaos.

Ask him out. Apply to Harvard. Write the book. Change the world. Do it now.

You are all amazing! Never forget it no matter what anyone says. Thank you so much for spending a few more minutes with me on the blog today.


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6 Tips for Mastering Your Distractions – Day 25 of 365 Days to a Better You

Master your distractions

I have them. You have them. We all have them. I’m referring to distractions and they’ve never been so many nor so tempting. Still, if you are to become a better you this year, dream big, and achieve big goals, you have to find ways to master your distractions.

I don’t know about you, but I have no desire to live under a tyrant – even if it’s me. Zero-tolerance distraction-busting probably won’t work. It’s the equivalent going on a diet that consists of rice cakes and waters. You might lose some weight in the short-term, but it’s not the way you want to live the rest of your life.

Besides, many of today’s distractions are pleasant, even rewarding. There’s no reason to completely deprive yourself. Checking your Facebook, Instagram, watching YouTube or your  favorite TV show is not going to prevent you from reaching your dreams. I’m skeptical of gurus who say they ignore TV or social media, while they make their living by other people finding them and their products there.

The key is awareness and degree. I love what  Rachel Hollis says, “You have to decide between what you want now and what you want most.”

Most of your distractions are immediate and easy to access. Your goals and dreams are distant and far away.

Do you remember that analogy as about taking a penny and doubling it each day? The question was how much would you have at the end of 30 days? The surprising answer is over $5 million.

Our distractions add up to knocking us way of course. It may seem like just a few minutes (that often turns into an hour). In a month’s time, you’re way of the course that leads to your a better you.

Here are some practical tips for mastering your distractions. Trust me, guys, this is a constant battle for me as well.

  1. Name the challenge – you know what your distractions and time-stealers are. Call them out. Make a list of the big ones.
  2. Size up the challenge – no judgement here. Track for a couple of days how much time you spend on the distractions on your list versus how much time you spend doing something productive that’s helping you reach your goals.
  3. Devise a plan – now you know what the time drains are and how big they are. Devise a plan for mitigating each them. Be sure to include your plan what might get in the way of your distraction mitigation plan and mitigate them too. Keep in mind, depending on what your distractions are, there may be tech solutions to help. There are apps for writers, for instance, block access to the Internet for a set period of time so they can write.
  4. Track your progress – the goal is to spend less time on distractions (including busy work) and more time on productive work aligned with your goals. You should begin to see a shift where productive work dominates distractions.
  5. Celebrate success – always reward yourself for success. Maybe you write for two hours and then you get to watch the latest video from your favorite YouTube channel.
  6. Be strong-minded – I’ll be doing a whole post on this in the near future. For now, please accept that distractions don’t just happen. Short of a literal emergency, most distractions can wait. An email isn’t urgent just because it arrives. If you want to help prioritize tasks, The Covey Four Quadrants are a time-tested way to help you.

Finally, you can listen to this video. I’ve created an audio affirmation that is three affirmations. This is one you can listen to passively and allow it to fill your consciousness a little bit at a time. I’ll be listening along with you!

Download a free MP3 of this affirmation for your playlist.

In no time, you’ll be the master of your distractions!


Affirmation Tips: Listening to Your Affirmations

Hey, guys!

IMG_1475I’ve been writing, recording, and using affirmations for many years. I’ve found that listening to affirmations in an audio format is the most effective way for me to add them to my busy schedule and get maximum benefit from them.

Affirmations are still among the most powerful ways to shift your mindset in positive ways. Yes! Action is required, but empowered thinking is still the fuel for the action.

Here are my tips using affirmations.

  • Listen passively – have you ever had that experience where you didn’t think you were listening to the words of a song or a commercial and you suddenly know them? That’s how listening passively to audio affirmations works. You listen while you’re living your life. You may not think you’re listening, but your subconscious is. With enough repetition they become conscious.
  • Listen meditatively – audio affirmations are great when used as a guided meditation. Listen consciously and with intent. Absorb and embody the words. Soon they become part of who you are.
  • Add them to your workout playlist – workout time or running time can be personal development time. Sure, you like listening to your favorite music, but mix the affirmations in with the songs. Physical exertion is an amazing way to help the affirmation impact your consciousness.
  • Listen in the morning – affirmations are an amazing way to start your day withe positive energy and vision. Listen to affirmations that inspire rather than talk radio that demotivates.
  • When you need them – play your affirmations on the way to a sales call, an interview, while you work in the garden, or in the locker room before the big game. Power words right before you face a situation can power up your game!
  • While you sleep – if your spouse or partner will allow you, listen to affirmations while you sleep. This is the unconscious working at its best. No conscious rejection. You’re simply letting better thoughts fill your mind.

I’ve been doing this for more than 25 years. I’ve seen these techniques work over and over again. If you need some affirmations to listen download MP3 from my growing library or listen to them on my YouTube Channel.

I’d love to hear your experiences and how this works for you!

Follow your bliss. Experience your bliss. Become your bliss.



Focus on Your Dreams Affirmation

Whew! That felt good! This is the first new affirmation I’ve recorded in more than three years. I’ve mentioned a couple of places that I’m in the process of revitalizing and expanding The Affirmation Spot platform. You’re going to be seeing new content in new venues. One of my areas of focus will be video affirmations.

The video that accompanies the affirmation has a powerful message in its own right. I’d love to hear your comments below.

I hope you will find this affirmation recording useful and empowering when you’re facing the voices and forces of negativity in your life. The affirmation is set to a spacey track that gains power as it progresses. That’s offset by relaxing theta waves. The affirmation is read in the first and second-person for maximum effect.

The Affirmation reads:

  • I am immune to the negative voices and forces in my environment. I stay focused on my dreams.
  • You are immune to the negative forces in your environment. You stay focused on your dreams.


If you’d like to download a copy of the MP3, you can do so here.

Stay inspired, my friends!


Ray Davis is the Founder of The Affirmation Spot and co-founder of 6 Sense Media. He’s been writing, recording, and using affirmations for 30 years. He’s also the author of Anunnaki Awakening. He advocates for the potential of the human race. He’s life-long history buff and holds a B.S. in History Education.