Great Actor Within You Affirmation Video

Today’s affirmation is for all the actors and aspiring actors out there. Wherever you are on your journey from first-time community theatre to an academy award. This affirmation inspires you to know that your very best actor is within you and ready to successfully take center stage by storm.

If you’re an actor, use this recording regularly where you can listen quietly on a regular basis. If you know an actor who could use a mindset boost, please share.

The Affirmation:

  • First-person: I am a great actor. A great actor lives within me and that actor is ready to take center stage.
  • Second-person: You are a great actor. A great actor lives within you and that actor is ready to take center stage.

Wherever you are on your personal development or spiritual journey today, know that you are awesome! Thank each and every one of you for supporting my work!


Human Freedom Affirmation on July 4th

Of course, we Americans celebrate freedom on July 4th every year. It’s the day that marks the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

That document posited an idea that 245 years later Americans and humans across the planet see far too narrowly. It posited the idea that we humans are endowed, by our very being here, with certain freedoms that cannot be legitimately taken away from us by any earthly force.

While the words in that declaration are a seed and a starting place, it’s not the whole picture. Those freedoms are not limited to political considerations. In fact, taken the the ultimate extent, they mean that EVERY person walking the planet is a being free to explore and express the highest version of themselves possible.

No institution, no other person, and not even our own limiting beliefs should stand in the way of realizing that potential.Can you imagine a planet with seven billion people striving and being supported to strive for that potential? What a different world that would be from the one where so many suffer under repressions that start with their own mindsets and work their way out from there.

This affirmation a declaration of that kind of freedom. It’s a freedom that continues to exist for few, if any, humans on this planet. However, as I celebrate the inroads we’ve accomplished in human freedom today, my thoughts turn to that possible world and to doing all we can to make it, not only possible, but a reality.

Wherever you are on your journey today, remember that you ARE awesome!


New Peace of Mind Affirmation

This affirmation is meant to center and focus you, while encouraging you to discover a new peace of mind. Our hectic days can soon sweep our mind away in a torrent of activity, rapid-fire thoughts, and loss of connection to our core.

Listened to regularly, this meditative affirmation brings you back to your center point, refreshing you and preparing you to face your day with calm and wisdom. The affirmation is repeated in the first and second-person for maximum effect. Try listening at least once a day every day for three weeks for best results.

The Affirmation:

  • First-person: I feel a new peace of mind. A new sense of serenity is coming over me each and every day. I am calm, I am centered, and I am focused.
  • Second-person: You feel a new peace of mind. A new sense of serenity is coming over you each and every day. You are calm, you are centered, and you are focused.

Wherever you are on your journey today, remember that you are awesome!


Sunday Night Affirmation for June 20, 2021

Happy Sunday, my friends. The My World Affirmations series is based on a simple premise. Our world is what we choose to make it.

This affirmation encourages you to create a prosperous world for yourself. The video includes HD footage from beautiful spots around the planet. It’s a peaceful and relaxing watch of about six and half minutes.

The Affirmation is repeated 16 times in both the first and second-person. Here is the affirmation. Listen regularly for best results.

I’d love to hear about your experience in watching it and using it in the comments below.

Wherever you are on your journey today, remember you are awesome!

Have a peaceful and prosperous week ahead!


Writer Affirmation – Inspiration Everywhere

Hey, fellow bloggers! Today’s affirmation is for all of us – the writers, bloggers, authors, and poets.

As a writer, you are always looking for your next source of inspiration. This affirmation reminds you and infuses your consciousness with the certainty that inspiration is everywhere you go all day long.

The affirmation is recorded in the first and second-person for maximum impact. For best results, listen to this recording regularly and with headphones.

The Affirmation:

  • First-person: Inspiration for my writing flows to me from everywhere!
  • Second-person: Inspiration for your writing flows to you from everywhere!

Wherever you are on your writing journey today, you are awesome! Keep putting words on the page and good things will happen!


Download the MP3 for this affirmation.