You Are a Miracle in Motion – Day 44 of 365 Days to a Better You

You are a miracle in motion

Today we are tackling another of the 10 Empowering Ideas from Sunday’s post. It’s this concept that you are a miracle in motion.

The famous Tao – Yin Yang – symbol captures a snapshot of the constant ebb and flow of our universe. The light becomes the dark becomes the light and there is a little of each in the other. It’s a persistent, miraculous interplay of the parts forming a perfectly balanced whole.

Today, whatever your belief system, I want you to hear this, absorb it, and embody it. You – yes you with all your challenges and flaws – are a miracle in motion. You are a micro perfection participating in the great macro perfection.

It’s all in how you see yourself and, damn it, it really matters how you see yourself.

Our two prevailing perspectives in the West are based on the principles of Christianity and science. I want you to see that, no matter your paradigm, it’s all how you see yourself.

Many people with a Christian perspective see themselves and the other human beings around them as unworthy sinners. Yet, the same belief system can lead you to see yourself and every other human as miraculous, blessed children of God.

Those with a scientific perspective may just see themselves and the humans around them an accidental, temporary confluence of atoms in a universe that is nothing more than that. However, that same perspective can lead you to see that you are an utterly unique, never-to-be-repeated miracle of matter. Think of the odds that you or the people around you or the universe we know could have come into being out of all the possibilities. It’s mind-boggling.

For me, I like the Tao symbol because it’s a constant reminder of this miraculous perfection in constant motion.

Now some might argue the world is not perfect. There’s hatred and injustice and climate concerns and war. All true. There’s also you here to do something about them. That’s the perfection in motion.

Power hack: Here’s today’s power hack. Everything I just told you about you is true of EVERY other person you will encounter today. Yes. That includes the guy who cut you off in traffic, the brutal dictator, the homeless beggar on the street. All are miracles in motion too. Their actions and status in the world simply come from an imbalance in their understanding of their perfection. The guy who cut you off in traffic was selfish in a moment, but that’s not who he really is. The brutal dictator, like all of us, is the result of the mindsets that have driven his life, as is the homeless man.

This is a hard concept for us to get in our absolutist black OR white world. When we see things through the lens of the black AND white world of the miracle in motion, we understand that everything is a balanced perfection and every person is a miracle in motion.

Follow your bliss. Experience your bliss. Become your bliss.


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