End the Labels That Divide Us

Last week we saw our nation torn apart by us and them thinking. You see, when we blame a whole group of people for the actions of individuals, as we do constantly goaded by our mainstream media, we destroy the trust that creates the fabric of society. We also buy in wholeheartedly to labels we didn’t choose and that do nothing but divide the human beings on this planet from each other.

There are no evil groups of people. There are individual people who do evil things. They should be held accountable to all of us for the evil they do. Holding whole groups of people responsible for things they didn’t do and thoughts they didn’t think is nonsensical, unjust, and dangerous.

So, when I hear people start a sentence with “Those black people….those white people…those police…those Muslims….those Jews…those overweight people…I know something stupid is about the follow.

This video says it more powerfully than I ever could. I hope you’ll take the four minutes to watch the whole thing and really think about the world we are creating when we let any label other than human define us or the people around us.

Be the person YOU came to the planet to be!



About Ray Davis

Ray Davis is an author and co-founder of 6 Sense Media. His latest books are the Anunnaki Awakening trilogy - speculative fiction series focusing the issues of humanity's past and future. The series is heavily influenced by the science fiction genre. Book 1 - Revelation - is now available - http://www.AATrilogy.com. Ray has written prolifically on the topics of personal development and human potential. In 2007, Ray founded The Affirmation Spot - a website offering downloadable mp3 motivational tools and affirmations. http://www.theaffirmationspot.com. Ray began studying affirmations and positive thinking after a life-threatening illness at 25. His thirst for self-improvement led him to read the writings of Joseph Campbell, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, and many other luminaries in the fields of mythology and motivation. Over time, he has melded these ideas into his own philosophy on self-development. He has written and used affirmations and other tools throughout that time to improve his own life and has a passion for helping other reach for their goals and dreams. In 2010 he authored an eBook titled The Power to Be You: 417 Original Daily Thoughts for Personal Empowerment. Ray holds a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Secondary Education in Social Studies from University of Kansas. He lives in Louisburg, KS with his wife, April, two grown stepkids, and his black lab, Mia.
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