110 Ways Happiness Is

Today’s Affirmation:
Happiness is a choice and today I choose it!

Back in 1962, famed Peanuts cartoonist Charles M. Schulz penned a New York Times Bestseller titled Happiness is a Warm Puppy Dog. The book featured his cast of Peanuts characters sharing what happiness meant to them.

Today I am doing a collaborative blog. I want to build a list of reminders of where happiness can be found to refer to or refer friends to on tough days.

Saturday I began asking friends and followers on Twitter to finish the following phrase. Happiness is… As you are about to read, I have some of the wisest, most insightful, happiest followers anywhere.

This is a great exercise for anyone. It gets you thinking of all the things that make you happy. I would love to add your version too. Leave a comment and I will add it to the main blog.

Stay inspired!


Ray Davis is the Founder of The Affirmation Spot and focuses on empowering minds to think positively, achieve goals, and live dreams.

He is the author of the Anunnaki Awakening series (2015). Book 1 – Revelation – is now available in paperback and on Kindle. This trilogy takes Ancient Aliens out of the past and into the present. An interstellar, interdimensional journey ensues with humanity’s future hanging in the balance.

  1. @nurtureyrheart: Happiness is belonging.
  2. @newmansculpture: Happiness is a collector buying a piece of art they LOVE!
  3. @AWonder: Happiness is the ability to accept self, release fear and embrace love.
  4. @livenbothworlds: ♥ Happiness is Love in Your Heart ♥.
  5. @BrianKauke: Happiness is waking up at 5am and realizing it’s Saturday.
  6. @BeALegacy: Happiness is being able to bless others with wisdom, compassion and money to improve the quality of life all around.
  7. @ClemensRettich: Happiness is a consequence of real and sustainable independence.
  8. @DelieseE: Happiness is one moment at a time.
  9. @mzkewl79: Happiness is knowing I am unconditionally loved even though I don’t deserve it.
  10. @JoshuaGuffey: Happiness is present before thought arises.
  11. @ajarrellhayes: Happiness is being satisfied with the positive:negative ratio in life.
  12. @Hanalla: Happiness is a fleeting emotion, like sadness. Enjoy it when it is here. Welcome it like the energy shifter it is.
  13. @OHbornTXbred: Happiness is being a teacher and making a difference in the lives of others.
  14. @Live4lyfe: Happiness is catching a stranger by surprise with a pleasant smile of “hello!”
  15. @A_Creighton Happiness is my daughters sticky little hand patting my face and saying “I love you mama.”.
  16. @ednaruano: Happiness is falling asleep & waking up hearing the ocean sounds like I recently did in Tulum.
  17. @djillpugh: Happiness is scratching the chin of a purring cat curled up in a sunpuddle on your living room floor.
  18. @mikemorrish: Happiness is a verb. – what happens when you decide to no longer suffer.
  19. @mikemorrish: Happiness is what a child, a fool and a wise man have in common. H… is happiness!
  20. @mikemorrish: Happiness is knowing that you are enough just as y@ou are.
  21. @mikemorrish: Happiness is abundance in all aspects of life.
  22. @mikemorrish: “Happiness is loving what is.” — Byron Katie
  23. @WheatgrassCafe: Happiness is created.
  24. @LasANJ_A: Happiness is a matter of CHOICE, not a matter of luck. 😉
  25. @Ellentweet: happiness is letting go of diminishing thoughts about myself.
  26. @WinterJasmine33: Happiness is knowing all your loved ones are safe, well and happy.
  27. @WinterJasmine33: Happiness is identifying and moving forward with your life’s purpose 🙂
  28. @WinterJasmine33: Happiness is knowing you don’t *have* to get up early; but doing so anyway to catch the sunrise.
  29. @WinterJasmine33: Happiness is feeling safe in your own skin, being true to yourself, and knowing you’re helping others to do the same.
  30. DazzlingRayn: Happiness is a park on a warm spring day.
  31. DazzlingRayn: Happiness is cooking for people I love.
  32. @KelliKimi: Happiness is realizing your potential and knowing it’s good enough for you even if it wasn’t for someone else.
  33. @KelliKimi:  Happiness is seeing your future and knowing you control it.
  34. @KelliKimi: Happiness is looking at your children and knowing you did the right thing by choosing to be happy for you first.
  35. @KelliKimi: Happiness is waking up and living to see another day.
  36. @KelliKimi: Happiness is when you speak and you know someone is listening and not just hearing you.
  37. @KelliKimi: Happiness is to love and to be loved.
  38. @KelliKimi: Happiness is knowing you did your best but it wasn’t the best for the wrong person, it’s the best for the right one that came along
  39. @KelliKimi: Happiness is being enough for yourself and it’s totally OK! 🙂
  40. @KelliKimi: Happiness is when you wake up to your kids laughter instead of arguing and screaming.
  41. @KelliKimi: Happiness is baking all your favorite things and being able to walk away from them.
  42. @KelliKimi: Happiness is freshly painted toe nails on the first day of sunshine. 🙂
  43. @KelliKimi: Happiness is looking into the mirror and for the first time smiling back at what you see instead of frowning.
  44. @KelliKimi: Happiness is watching your children play their hardest and losing but having the time of their lives.
  45. @KelliKimi: Happiness is being in a bad relationship knowing you did the best you could give it and believing it still once you’ve left it.
  46. @KelliKimi: Happiness is buying several boxes of Girl Scout cookies and not opening them right away because you can control yourself. LOL
  47. @KelliKimi: Happiness is finding out you can still be Happy when you thought you never could be again.
  48. @KelliKimi: Happiness is believing in Yourself when you thought no one else did.
  49. @KelliKimi: Happiness is finally learning to believe in yourself because you realized no one else will if you don’t.
  50. @KelliKimi: Happiness is taking charge of your life not because you have to but because you want to.
  51. @KelliKimi: Happiness is living the life you were meant to live after believing you never could.
  52. @KelliKimi: Happiness is understanding that it’s ok to be selfish if the outcome benefits more then yourself.
  53. @KelliKimi: Happiness is learning to live with your mistakes and finallyletting them go because you’ve learned from them.
  54. @catherina: Happiness is a personal mission.
  55. @catherina: happiness is…not needing anyone but yourself to feel complete.
  56. @Fibenymphs_Blog: Happiness is HOPE.
  57. @MesBates: Happiness is knowing where you need to be in the morning.
  58. @birthgoddess: Happiness is listening to your children all giggling together.
  59. @LolitaParrot: Happiness is waking up every morning, breathing deeply, being thankful for surviving cancer 5 times and living life thanking God for my gifts.
  60. @abbybecker: Happiness is feeling the love of the people I love.
  61. @abbybecker: Happiness is a glass of Merlot after a hard day of work.
  62. @abbybecker: Happiness is living life to the fullest.
  63. @TrudyMagnifique: Happiness is being who you are without any apology.
  64. @myaffirmations: Happiness is not a destination, it is a conscious decision made daily; it is a choice to be happy and it IS MY choice!
  65. @thoughtcoach: Happiness is it’s knowing I didn’t “sell” a house-I helped my client find a home.
  66. @thoughtcoach: Happiness is knowing I can make a difference-from a smile at the grocery store to being there for someone at the right time 🙂
  67. @thoughtcoach: Happiness is walking on the beach n seeing the dolphins dance along with you 🙂
  68. @thoughtcoach: Happiness is knowing there are tools-like Twitter- to help people understand-we are all one 🙂
  69. @thoughtcoach: Happiness is..walking on the beach and seeing the dolphins dance along with you 🙂
  70. @thoughtcoach: Happiness is gratifying when another’s needs are more important than yours and you get lost in the gift 🙂
  71. @NikTherapy: Happiness is realizing the goal you thought of 5 years ago is now your reality.
  72. @PhilGerb: Happiness is like a warm, sunny day, surrounded by those you love and who love you.
  73. @LuckLovesMe: Happiness is knowing that money isn’t necessary to experience happiness!
  74. @ShennaNanette: Happiness is when your frowns smile.
  75. @Dhann77: Happiness is peace.
  76. @Dhana77: Happiness is God.
  77. @Dhana77: Happiness is sexy.
  78. @Dhana77: Happiness is simple.
  79. @Dhana77: Happiness is Loving the Blessing in your Life!!!
  80. @Dhana77: Happiness is Excercising and taking care of yourself.
  81. @Dhana77: Happiness is Peace and silence.
  82. @Dhana77: Happiness is your children.
  83. @Dhana77: Happiness is peace of mind.
  84. @Dhana77: Happiness is a Beautiful (Inside & outside) Mate.
  85. @Dhana77: Happiness is Laughing for no reason!
  86. @Dhana77: Happiness is Happiness is seeking Wisdom continuously.
  87. @Dhana77: Happiness is silly fun thoughts.
  88. @Dhana77: Happiness is releasing our inner child.
  89. @Dhana77: Happiness is turning to a comedy show instead of the news.
  90. @Dhana77: Happiness is a gathering of fun friends.
  91. @Dhana77: Happiness is having a Crush on someone as an adult and having Butterflies in your stomach…lol
  92. @Dhana77: Happiness is that feeling after a Great Workout!!!
  93. @Dhana77: Happiness is hearing Thank you and being Appreciated.
  94. @Dhana77: Happiness is sharing.
  95. @Dhana77: Happiness is God’s Miracles and knowing that He LOVES US!!!Thank U God!!!
  96. @Dhana77: Happiness is Opening ur EYES EACH Morning Knowing THAT GOD allowed us to SEE another DAY…Thank U GOD!
  97. @Dhana77: Happiness is THANKING GOD FOR EVERYTHING!!!
  98. @Dhana77: Happiness is Looking into your Mates eyes in silence.
  99. @Dhana77: Happiness is being LOVED!!!
  100. @Dhana77: Happiness is Counting your Blessings!!!
  101. @Dhana77: Happiness is enjoying your Own Company.
  102. @Dhana77: Happiness is being ALIVE.
  103. @Dhana77: Happiness is making some1 else Happy and you were feeling bad.
  104. @Dhana77: Happiness is Breakfast…you need it first Thing in the Morning.
  105. @Dhana77: Happiness is a Prayer Telling GOD THank you…no matter what!
  106. @Dhana77: Happy is closing your eyes smiling…and Playing your happiest Memory!
  107. @simpleorganized: Happieness is being able to find what you need when you want it in your home or office. Organization=happiness 🙂
  108. @Abeeliever: Happiness is a shared moment with a child.
  109. @starweaver: Happiness is kittens snuggled at your feet, in your lap, and on either side of you.
  110. @NotTheCar: Happiness is having years of speech therapy pay off when your daughter speaks her first full sentence at age 7.

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Ray Davis - The Affirmation Spot

I am the Founder of The Affirmation Spot, author of Annuanki Awakening, and co-founder of 6 Sense Media. My latest books are the Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation (Book 1 of a trilogy) and The Power to Be You: 417 Daily Thoughts and Affirmations for Empowerment. I have written prolifically on the topics of personal development and human potential for many years. By day, I write sales training for Fortune 100 company. I began studying affirmations and positive thinking after a life-threatening illness at 25. My thirst for self-improvement led him to read the writings of Joseph Campbell, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, and many other luminaries in the fields of mythology and motivation. Over time, I have melded these ideas into my own philosophy on self-development. I have written, recorded, and used affirmations and other tools throughout that time to improve my own life and I have a passion for helping other reach for their goals and dreams. Ray holds a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Secondary Education in Social Studies from University of Kansas. He lives in Spring Hill, Ks with his wife.

One thought on “110 Ways Happiness Is”

  1. Hi Ray!
    I loved this post and reading all of the beautiful responses from your friends and followers. I loved it so much that I wrote about it on one of my blogs and linked to yours. Check it out at: http://polkadotsarepretty.blogspot.com/2010/03/seeking-happiness.html . This is a fairly new blog of mine that does not get the attention that I would like to give it, but it is my effort to focus on some more positive in life. Hope you like the post!
    Amy aka @Abeeliever

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