Air-Powered Car to Be Released in India – The Affirmation Spot for Thursday June 12, 2008

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(Clarification: Thanks to a reader of the blog. Tata Motors of India is producing these cars under license from MDI – a French company. Here is a website with great information about alternative fuel vehicles)

There is hope in our struggle with $4 + per gallon gas prices. However, it is not coming from Washington or Detroit. No, it’s not even coming from Tokyo. India is claiming this advance.

While the US Congress, oil companies, and the automakers argue about whether US consumers can expect fuel efficient, Alternative Cars in the Twenty-First Century, others are seizing the moment and showing the way.

India’s largest carmaker MDI announced that it is releasing a line of automobiles called AirCars [company website] in August 2008 powered completely by compressed air.

According to an article on the Popular Mechanics website, the CityCat – one of the new AirCars – will sell for about $12,700 US, has a range of 125 miles, a top speed of 68 mph, and zero fuel emissions.

CityCat can be refueled at pressurized air stations located at existing gas stations. The cost of a fill-up is about $2 US. The car can also refuel by plugging into the electrical grid and using its onboard air compressor.

Not everyone is sold yet. There are concerns about safety, range, and affordability. Many Americans would find the cars a departure from their aesthetic preferences. Nontheless, MDI has already signed deals with 12 other nations for the design including Germany, Israel, and South Africa.

These advances around the world beg the question. Is American losing its edge? While we debate issues from the era of Henry Ford and John D. Rockefeller, other nations and companies are looking at the global situation and making lemonade.

New Thomas Edisons are demonstrating the kind of ingenuity and innovation that put America on top a century ago.

Take a look at the future. It may not be the destination, but at least it starts us down the road.



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8 thoughts on “Air-Powered Car to Be Released in India – The Affirmation Spot for Thursday June 12, 2008”

  1. Frank,

    Kansas City is nothing compared to Boston on that score, but I understand the pain.

    I don’t know if we can stop it any time soon. I do know this, though, every day we spend saying it cannot be done is a day longer it won’t get done.

    Mostly, I’m tired our leaders – political and corporate -failing to lead. Detroit has been talking about this stuff for 30 years. Washington has been manuevering for almost as long.

    Other people are just taking action. We can to. We just have to decide to do it. America is becoming the observer and the debater instead of the actor in the world.

    Right now, show me to the $2 fill up and I’m there!


  2. Hi, just a couple of points to make about your article referring to the aircar.

    First of all this is not being produced by an Indian company, this is being made by a French company called MDI, and Tata Motors has a licence for this new technology. Second point is the has nothing to do with MDI and the official website of MDI is The other thing to remember about this new technology is that its not about the aesthetics’ of the car but rather the new thermal dynamic cycle it brings to us and how this can become a new form of energy to help us break our dependency on fossil fuels. Lots more good information on this at

    Cheers, Paul

  3. Hey, Paul

    Thanks for the comment and the clarification on the websites. I must admit to being a bit confused after reviewing the sites. The information about it being an “Indian company” came from the Popular Mechanics headline. As I understand it, MDI is not an Indian company, but was referred to in the PM piece as India’s largest auto company.

    Totally agree with you about the aesthetics not being the point of emphasis. The reason I brought it up is that many Americans, as opposed to Europeans and others, have not yet made the mental leap from the vehicles we are used to driving and a vehicle that looks like the AirCar.

    I was simply acknowledging that fact, as some readers might be inclined to, well, turn their noses up at something that looks like a “golf cart”. Yes, I even saw some comments like that when I was looking around the Net about this car.

    Cheers to you,


  4. Physics says that these compressed air cars could work, with peak kW output limited by avoidance of excess cooling in the air expansion engine. I advise that if common sense prevails, and we all do our bit for the war against climate change, then new machinery (for example home and office Stirling engines running off low-grade solar hot water type apparatus) could provide cylinders of zero-emissions compressed air for city vehicles and other uses which traditionally needed liquid fuel.
    There could be a revolution coming.

  5. XeF,

    You know, I believe and hope you are correct. I too can see us moving to those kinds of approaches and having a still prosperous, but cleaner planet.

    I don’t even think we need to do it because we are running out of oil or because environmental calamity is right around the corner. I think we need to do it because it is a rational, even enlightened step forward and we, as a species, need to learn to take those without having to be threatened.

    Tell me more about Stirling engines. I’m not familiar with that technology.

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