The Aloha Spirit of Hawaii – The Affirmation Spot for Thursday April 17, 2008

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Today’s featured affirmation is:

“Today I am one day closer to my dream vacation in Hawaii.” (repeats 4 times)

“Today you are one day closer to your dream vacation in Hawaii.” (repeats 4 times)

Hear an audio mp3 version of this affirmation right now.

My wife and I leave for our long-anticipated return trip to Hawaii tomorrow. Blogs may be a little sparse for the next ten days although it is my plan to blog a couple of times on the trip.

Hopefully, I will have some great experiences and maybe some pictures to share.
We are doing the island-hopping tour aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Pride of America. It’s a slightly smaller ship than the former  Pride of Hawaii (our ship last year), but still large, elegant, and beautiful looking ship.

The seven-day cruise aboard a Free Style NCL ship is definitely the way to see the islands. You travel at night and arrive in your new port each morning. There are a wide array of excursions that allow you to experience many aspects of the islands.

One of the things April and I loved so much about Hawaii is the Aloha Spirit. I found two really good descriptions of the in-depth meaning of Aloha – beyond just love, hello, and goodbye.

What is the Aloha Spirit?

The Aloha Spirit

May your day and your life be filled with Aloha!

Be peaceful Be positive Be prosperous!



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7 thoughts on “The Aloha Spirit of Hawaii – The Affirmation Spot for Thursday April 17, 2008”

  1. Ray,
    I’m curious about the wording of your affirmation. You state that “you are closer” but that would imply that you never actually get there. But you obviously did get there 🙂 Any comments on that? Because in my experiences,
    affirmations can be tricky. You need to word them very specifically in order to help your manifestation cause! Otherwise you could be inadvertently sabotaging your efforts. I babble on and on about this here-

  2. Hey, Scott

    Great question. You bring up a very important point. I’m happy to address it.

    This affirmation is not for me, but for someone who is aspiring to take a trip like that, but can’t see how they ever will right now. It builds a little belief in the right direction.

    The efficacy of a particular affirmation depends on where the person is on the journey towards the goal. The focus on the wording of the affirmation, while important, is less so than the mindset of the person using it.

    My background is in (secondary and corporate adult) education. You have to focus on the learner. In my 18 years of writing and recording affirmations, I’ve found that affirmations are most effective when they are aligned with the current belief level of the person involved.

    While affirmation orthodoxy does focus squarely on the wording of affirmations, the differing levels and needs of different people are not taken into account.

    This is an affirmation paradigm I am working hard to change. The idea that affirmations must be unquestionably positive and stated as if it has already happened is nice, but also the reason many people think affirmations are delusional and not helpful. That’s what creates the cognitive dissonance with affirmations and causes them to fail.

    There are a lot of people out there who think the possibility of taking a trip to Hawaii or Paris or Australia is impossible financially or for other reasons. They need an affirmation that starts allowing them to believe it is possible.

    I know because I had a few low years in my life where I would have never believed I would be where I am.

    This particular affirmation is for that work-a-day person who has a dream of going somewhere like that, but needs to see themselves moving in that direction (thoughts and actions). It’s an “aspirational” affirmation rather than a “present state” affirmation.

    Or, it could be for a person who is planning such a trip and wants to use the affirmation as a kind of mental reminder – a touchstone – of what they are working towards as they deal with their 16 hour day today.

    A for instance – on my website I have an affirmation that says “I am a Broadway caliber dancer.” I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who is 13 and just started dancing. It would be for someone who is really going for that Broadway career and needs the positive mental to get over the top.

    For the person just starting out, I’d have an affirmation like “I’m on my way (or closer) to becoming a Broadway caliber dancer.” That helps to overcome the cognitive dissonance so many people experience with affirmations.

    Based on my experience, I firmly believe that the affirmation paradigm needs to change. If it is to be a tool used by a broader spectrum of the population as it should be.

    I am working to change this paradigm. Ther is, in my opinion, a lot of bad information out there about affirmations – how they can and should be used and how they should be worded. Some of it, unfortunately, comes from some highly respected sources.

    I understand where you are coming from and I think your article is excellent. I just don’t see how we divorce the affirmation from the level of person using it.

    I hope that makes some sense. I’m giving these things a lot of thought as I grow my site and really taking counsel of my own experiences with affirmtions. I plan to offer affirmations at different levels for people in different places – something sadly missing in most affirmations.

    I appreciate your well-considered comment and I really like your blog. Keep it up!


  3. I just joined facebook today and found you there. We love Hawaii too…….so much so that we just got 2 condos there. We live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina part of the year, and in Hawaii the other part of the year. It is a wonderful place
    Come see our website……….and also find us on facebook…..

  4. Marie,

    Thank you for the message. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m envious. My wife and I love the ocean. We’re a little partial to the Pacific, but we’ve certainly enjoyed our trips to the Atlantic coast as well.

    We thoroughly enjoyed our second trip to Hawaii. Our goal is to move there eventually. Until then, we will have to get our Aloha in small one-week doses.

    Your condos are beautiful!


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