Peace and the Global War Cult – The Affirmation Spot for Tuesday March 25, 2008

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Today’s featured affirmation is:

“My thoughts, my words, my actions really do create my world. That is why I think great thoughts, I say great words, and I take great actions.” (repeats 4 times)
“Your thoughts, your words, and your actions really do create your world. That is you think great thoughts, you say great words, and you take great actions.” (repeats four times)

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Edwin Starr asked the question in his famous song. “War! Good God y’all, what is it good for?” Well, the answer is clear and has been for millenia. War is very good for board rooms and bottom lines. It is very good for politicians and self-proclaimed religious leaders wanting to make names for themselves. Afterall, who remembers the peace makers in history? It is conquerers and barbarians who go down as the great figures.

War is very good for uniting populaces and disconnecting their critical thinking skills. It is wonderful for obscuring agendas and pursuing policies a sober, empowered, and knowledgeable citizenry would never allow.

Viewed from the perspective of the global war cult, war is a very good thing and the only solution to problems in the world.

And so, war is presented to ordinary people on this planet wrapped only in the finest patriotic, religious, and safety-conscious garb as the only alternative to destruction of “our way of life”. You might call this the universal mantra of the war cult. “We must kill them before they kill us.” Like a bad joke we don’t get over and over and over again, we fall for its self-serving rhetoric time and again.

All the while, there is an alternative solution to the world’s problems. One that does not rain death and destruction on unsuspecting innocents. One that does not need to be wrapped in patriotism or religiosity like to make it pallatable.

That alernative is peace. Peace needs no emotional wrappings because it possesses its own instrinsic value. It is a virtue unto itself. Peace is the overlooked, underprivileged solution to the world’s problems.

Not surprisingly, the global war cult that benefits from killing people, breaking things, and stealing resources from others (as well as their millions of adherents who derive some sense of pride and self-esteem from being part of it) roundly mocks peace as unrealistic. They deride those who advocate peace as traitors and call their ideas sophistry.

The global war cult – whether it be powerful governments with massive military machines like China or the U.S. or ad-hoc wannabes like Osama bin Laden – have one very key characteristic in common. They have no capacity for “live and let live”. It’s not OK for those people over there to believe something different from them. It’s not OK for those people to have a resource they want and have the power to take from them. It’s not Ok for people to rule themselves in a land they greedily claimed by an agressor government or entity.

“Live and let live? Never,” says the war cult. “I will kill, I will take, and all the while claim God and justice are on my side. I will deny that peace is ever possible with ‘those people’. Afterall, ‘you can’t reason with them'”.

War and its mindset are a disease. The disease afflicts two-bit dictators and democratically elected leaders in $500 suits. It appeals to the masses when they are expertly convinced that “those people” are to blame for some ill in the world.

Peace is far less glamorous, far less profitable, far less interesting to cover on the nightly news. Yet the principles it embodies – live and let live, love thy neigbor as thyself, do unto others as you would have them do unto you – are the true measures spiritual development. They are the true test of enlightened leadership. They are the true hope for a humanity burdened and battered by the death and destruction wrought by the global war cult.

The time for peace is now. The global war cult has had 7,000 years of recorded human history to demonstrate the efficacy of its solution and it has utterly failed. The peaceful majority needs to stop being silent. It needs to stop revering these people as religious leaders and electing them to high office. We need to reach a point where the global war cult are the crazy men roaming the streets calling for death and destruction and NO ONE LISTENS.

That world is right there for us. We simply need to put our brains in gear and our fears in idle long enough to remove the spell cast upon humanity by the global war cult.

Be peaceful Be positive Be prosperous!


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3 thoughts on “Peace and the Global War Cult – The Affirmation Spot for Tuesday March 25, 2008”

  1. Thank you for leaving the link. I visited and left a message on your YouTube page.

    The reason I write about the subject of war and peace on an “affirmation” blog is that few issues are more important for people to understand if they are to become empowered and free.

    We are manipulated into war by unscrupulous players in this world. The bright side is that the moment enough people recognize that truth we can put an end to it.

    People can only be free when peace is the priority.

    THANk YOU for what you are doing. Here’s hoping you get 21,000,000 views!


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