Giving Barack Obama His Due – The Affirmation Spot for Tuesday February 26, 2008

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obama.gifBarack Obama. His name seems to be on everyone’s lips these days. He has definitely been successful in (ugly marketing phrase coming) “creating buzz”.

Four years ago when he gave the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention there was talk that he might one day be a strong presidential candidate. No one anticipated it coming in this election cycle.

Afterall, Hillary Clinton was to be the next Democratic nominee and nothing in heaven or earth was going to stop her, if you listened to all the experts.

The experts did not anticipate Barack Obama. Mr. Obama is an outstanding orator. He is one of those rare speakers who can take a crowd and lift their spirits and raise their hopes. As he sweeps across the country like a Spring twister, he is doing just that to audience after audience.

What now seems inevitable is that Hillary Clinton has run into a buzzsaw of hope and optimism. The people are demanding something new and Senator Clinton only has more of the old to offer. Obama has taken 11 primaries and caucuses in a row and seems poised to leap Hillary Clinton’s Ohio-Texas firewall on his way to an historic nomination.

In previous posts, I have made clear my support for Ron Paul in this election cycle. His no nonsense and truthful description of the problems facing the United States are, in my mind, the best way forward. The Democratic big-government prescription proposed by both Obama and Clinton (as well as the big empire prescription proposed by McCain and mainline Republicans) seems to defy the Federal Reserves’ ability to print the money fast enough.

Still, I’ve listened and watched Mr. Obama with growing interest. He really does have some highly admirable characteristics as a speaker and a motivator. Many of us working in the field of human motivation and inspiration could take master lessons from him.

As Obama is now famous for saying, “Words really do matter.” People do need more voices out there offering the promise of a better tomorrow. Obama is filling a need for our nation right now. We have been desperate in recent years for a voice of hope and he is delivering. We’ve been existing on a steady diet of fear and more fear. That is toxic for a person and toxic for a nation.

Obama’s latest transgression, that has the establishment in both parties grimacing, is that he might actually talk to people on our “no talk” list. On this count, I am cheering. You cannot have peace or prosperity in the world when there are people you refuse to converse with. It is a ridiculous old line stance and Obama is rightly promising a new approach.

Barack Obama’s success, I believe, can be attributed to the fact that he is spreading rays of hope across the countryside. Even many Republicans now regard the Bush administration as years spent in the proverbial wilderness. Bringing hope in this envrionment is no small feat and deserves tremendous thanks. People are responding to Obama – the man – like flowers to the coming of Spring.

It is unfortunate that Barack believes government is the source of that hope. But for that one flaw, he might be the real deal. If we had a cabinet level position for motivation or inspiration, I think Barack Obama should be confirmed 100-0 by the Senate. There’s an idea – Secretary of Inspiration.

I wish Barack Obama only well. There is an increasing possibility that he could be the next President of the United States. From a domestic policy standpoint, that worries me. He seems a little nebulous on his position to undue the Constitutional damage created in the last few years. His spending proposals simply are not realistic given our monetary situation.

He does offer hope of a new direction in foreign policy. That is a positive that brings hope to millions. I hope he will follow through on those commitments.

However, I want to give him his due. He has added a positive perspective to this year’s election. For that, I salute him and offer my gratitude.

Be peaceful Be positive!


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8 thoughts on “Giving Barack Obama His Due – The Affirmation Spot for Tuesday February 26, 2008”

  1. Hey Ray,
    Do you have idea’s on getting back to the basic’s with our constitution, would rewrite them or would you want to use the words of our forefathers in a broader sense so it can include a broader base of individuals? And how would you reverse the the revenue spending in our country, would you allocate in more domestic area’s or globally? Or how about our deficit, would you want to lower it or reinvest to different markets so more of our world can have help building their infrastructure? Senator Obama likes to have people share their idea’s with him on how we should restructure our policies, bills, and spending? As well as in a wide and diversified range of topics of concern for everyone, why don’t you drop in at Obama’s and our campaign site and leave your views on how to help change how our government and legilature does things and what you think are of top priority to you. You are very welcome to visit or stay, as well as your views.
    I want to thank you for being curious about this campaign, it is going to need everyone to get involved in elections and to contribute their efforts on behalf of our Nation and our American people. Yes we can!!
    God Bless and Peace!!!!!!!

  2. Teresa,

    These are very weighty topics that might require (and have) books to adequately discuss. I do have thoughts in these areas. I’m not sure if I can comprehensively address them in this forum, but I’d be happy to discuss them.

    As a first step, though, can you tell me where you feel like the Constitution needs to be changed to be more inclusive?

    I’m not saying you are doing this, but many people forget that phrases like, “We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal…” appear in The Declaration of Indpendence, not the Constitution.

    To me, the problem with The Constitution is not in its wording, but in its application. In addition to guaranteeing our rights, The Constitution also set forth a very enlightened division of power among the branches and levels of government.

    That balance has been lost. The Federal government (the executive branch, in particular) has completely crossed those lines. That’s a problem we need to address.

    The fact that federal power has occasionally been used for good, as in the 1960s civil rights era, does not mean that we should rely on government as the resolver of all problems in society. We have to give up too much power and too many freedoms to give the government enough power to do that.

    Let me know where you think The Constitution needs to be edited and we can discuss. I’m all for more inclusive language where possible. I’m just not sure the language of the document is the issue. We need to get better at applying it to all people.


  3. The constitution follwed the declaration, and as you said it “made all men equal” but we’ve seen how that works.
    It was adopted by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and later ratified by conventions in each state in the name of “the People”; it has since been amended seventeen times, besides the 10 added through the Bill of Rights. The Constitution has a central place in United States law and “political culture”. I think our political culture needs quite a bit of amends, as far as personality in the political arena goes. The writing and the thinking that went into building the Declaration and the Constitution can reach a broader culture then the “political culture” if the People that make up the American Culture get involved and stay involved.
    And as far as how great the 60’s revolt went, it didn’t seem too good to me, funny you brought this up, when the liberal issue was just brought up to me by someone else.
    I have a theory on how liberals got started, hope you don’t mind hearing it? You see in the 60’s these annoying kids were protesting everything, from legalizing drugs to protesting the war to protesting against the establishment, so the conservatives started scrambling around looking for a way to corral this unruly group of youngsters. So what they came up with was inflation that had out paced the income of the average American family, so it would create an environment for the two working family household. “I think” they got this idea from having the female fill in the work force during war times from previous generations. They thought darn you know this was a way to get cheap labor, keep the multitude busy and quiet, why don’t we try that to shut them up, and we will also give them a group to belong to at the same time “Liberals”, it covers a wide base of the population that doesn’t seem to be happy with the world we gave them, so what do you think boy’s, it could work and BAM.
    Now the moderates they snuck in on us, I’m not real sure what prompted that group to come out, have they anything to do with the politically correct environment that showed up, while I was busy making a living for my family?
    And I would appreciate suggestions on any books you think could help bring me up to speed on different theories, but what really interests me are history books, I see so much in the world now that seems to continue to follow our worlds cultural history. I keep thinking when are we going to break out of this or that cycle in our world culture, it’s like how many times do you need to repeat history before you have learned from it, you know what I mean? And as far as language goes, I flunk that course, my grammer and spelling leave a lot to be desired, I always wondered why words are not spelled as they sound and with grammer, sorry to say, I’m one of those people that say what I think, and don’t much care how it sounds.

  4. Teresa,

    I think that is the beauty of the Constitution. It was a very well-conceived document and has a built-in mechanism for updates, if enough people agree. The Declaration is clearly a product of its time, but it was very progressive – even radical – in its day.

    I was history major. I could go on all night, but I’ll spare you.

    The principles in The Constitution, if correctly applied, are very expansive. Again, I think it is the narrow interpretation on the part of some sectors that has caused it to seem otherwise.

    As for your question about breaking out of the cycle and repeating bad lessons over and over again; you have really hit on a sore spot with me. I’m befuddled by the fact that we seem unable to break out of these patterns.

    Of course, some religious people believe we – humans – are incapable of doing better. I heartily disagree with that perspective. I believe it is really a matter of our belief that it is possible and our commitment to making it so.

    That is one of the reasons I came up with The Affirmation Spot. My goal is to expand the meaning and uses of affirmations. I believe they can serve as an effective counter-marketing campaign for ourselves to battle all the disempowering messages we get all day long.

    My brother once told me that world peace could never happen. My answer to him was that as long as we believe it is impossible, it is. The moment a critical mass of people wants a different world, we will have it.

    I have other friends who would probably be classified as “new agers” who are firmly convinced that some great awakening is just around the corner. I think the evidence is mixed. I see pockets of real advancement. However, the powers that be are not going to give up their power so easily.

    No need to apologize for language or grammar. You express yourself just fine.



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